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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Good Start for the New Year

As I looked back, I'm thankful for the year past as some seeds planted then, are now sprouting in this garden of my life. For my readers in the North, you might think, I'm having illusions as how can anything sprout in the cold winter season where the ground is covered in a blanket of snow. Yet the seeds are there ready to sprout.

However, in the garden of our minds, the seeds of inspiration and ideas are always there waiting for the right conditions to sprout. So what are the right conditions. Showers of laughter, you know the belly laugh variety, the soil fertilizers of forgiveness and gratitude. Then the time of reflection and meditation is added for germination to occur. Simple isn't it? It's not so easy or simple as you write, you most probably are thinking. You're right? Did you see a full grown corn grow over-night after planting or even a week or a month later. No, so you have to continue providing the right conditions for your seeds, ie, ideas, inspirations to sprout and grow.

I was looking for an office to continue my energy therapies or RET business. I did all the above and after 6 months, I've found a space in a Wellness Clinic. I will be seeing clients 3 days a week which might include some Saturdays. It is in the East End of Ottawa. Perhaps, I'll see you there one of these days. I'm also going to facilitate a Boost Your Energy monthly class. The first one starts on January 22nd 2011. You will find more on my other blog -

Next post, we will be visiting an aquarium in La Jolla California to get some relief from winter!
PC Nicholas

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