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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is friendship allowed for Healthcare Professionals.

Studies have shown  the negative consequences of friendship of health professionals toward their clients or patients. The negative consequences is the result of not following certain rules that govern professional friendships. Firstly, the client or patient is seen as vulnerable, so the professional have to cautious of crossing boundaries that will cause the client to feel a need to give affection or receive affection from the professional. Sometimes though a client will feel the need to know more  private history about the professional that they have related their private information and weaknesses to.

Generally, the majority of  professionals abide by ethical rules regarding such friendships. Information received from clients or patients are kept confidential. Health professionals don't usually discuss their personal problems with their patients,

Actually a true professional's friendship with a client is of an altuistic kind. They give support, health, listening attitude, friendship, advice, treatment without judgement, bias and sometimes not even expecting gratitude in return. After all is that not unconditional love??? Is that not empowering???

PC Nicholas

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